Communion Songs??

we will serve communion this coming sunday, and i was wondering what the rest of you do for communion songs?

any suggestions (contemporary and hymns)?



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~ by mandythompson on January 30, 2008.

42 Responses to “Communion Songs??”

  1. Hi Mandy:

    We’ve really enjoyed doing “Jesus, You are Worthy” by Brenton Brown. Also, “Once Again” by Matt Redman (classic). Some others include “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us,” “I Need Thee Every Hour,” “When I Survey the Wonderful Cross” (incl. Tomlin version) and “You Are My King (Amazing Love)”.

    Hope that’s helpful!

  2. Third Day’s “Communion” is a great PERFORMANCE song, but not a good congregational.

  3. I’m looking for the same thing this week! I’ll be checking back here for ideas…. here are some I’m thinking about that haven’t been mentioned:
    – I Cling to the Cross (Paul Baloche)
    – Center (Hall)… I like this one to close communion
    – In Christ Alone (Townend, I think)
    – Grace Flows Down (Watermark)
    – Jesus Paid it All
    – My Jesus I Love Thee
    – Nothing But the Blood (the hymn, or the Charlie Hall arr.)
    – Mighty is the Power of the Cross (Tomlin)

    well look at that. I have more ideas than I thought I did.

  4. We always end communion with “Make Me a Servant.” Seems fitting.

    Other popular communion songs are “Come Just as You Are” and “At the Cross”

  5. I love doing communion services. When we do one, it is filled with music and scripture and prayer. Here’s some we’ve done around here.

    Behold the Lamb – Dottie Rambo
    The Blood will Never Lose its Power – Andraé Crouch
    *O the Blood of Jesus – traditional
    *O Mighty Cross – David Baroni & John Chisum
    Nothing But the Blood _ Matt Redman version
    The Wonderful Cross – Chris Tomlin
    In Remembrance – Ragan Courtney & Buryl Red
    *At the Foot of the Cross – Vertical Music
    *Once Again – Matt Redman
    *Mighty is the Power of the Cross – Chris Tomlin
    Come Let Us Return to the Lord – Matt Redman

    *=songs most “popular” with our crowd

  6. I really like the song “Majesty” by Martin Smith/Delirious.

  7. Here’s a few from recent communions…
    Jesus Paid It All
    Nothing But The Blood (the hymn)
    Nothing But The Blood (the Matt Redman song from “Facedown”)
    The Wonderful Cross
    Grace Flows Down
    You Are My King (Amazing Love)
    Above All
    Once Again

  8. A great new song by Chris Sligh, American Idol top 10 last year, I found on is called “Communion Song”. You can download the song at worshipideas, and purchase the music.

    I also like doing “Breathe” for communion time, along with many of the ones already mentioned here.

  9. Something from the hymnal that came to mind: “Let Us Break Bread Together” as a good congregation song. :)

    & of course, Amazing Grace! :)

  10. GREAT suggestions! some of these i’m familiar with, but some are new to me… i look forward to checking these out!

  11. U2’s “40”, although at The Summit we share communion every week, and it’s a ‘get up and get it’ situation for everyone during the last couple of songs, so we don’t necessarily have a feature tune. Takes the pressure off a little.

  12. We doing communion this week with this order, communion worked into the worship time:

    When I Think About The Lord (Shane & Shane style)
    You Are So Good To Me (Waterdeep style)
    Center – leading into and during bread(adding Turn You Eyes tag)
    Kindness – during cup (it’s your kindness that leads us to Repentance)
    Then Take My Life (Tomlin arrangement) right after communion.


  13. Previous comments have already hit a lot of the songs we do, but I didn’t see Nothing But The Blood (not the hymn) by Matt Redman

  14. The Precious Blood- Sovereign Grace Music
    Jesus, Thank you- Sovereign Grace Music

  15. I have done Jeremy Riddle’s Sweetly Broken
    Hillsong “Lead me to the Cross” and will be doing
    “Saviour King” for Easter.
    As far as hymns, Selah has a great version of “There is a Fountain” that we have used recently as well. Kristian Stanfill has a version of “Jesus Paid it All” that is awesome and at Igniter you can get the video lyrics with incredible visuals if you can play with a click track. Another good one was off of the “City on a Hill” album, it is Leigh Nash called “Precious Jesus”. L8R

  16. We’re having Communion Friday March 21st (Good Friday) and I need to find a song for my Pastor, these are all great ideas, THANKS!!!!

  17. Great thread. My previous pastor only liked the traditional ones like Nothing But the Blood. I’m ready for some new ideas. Very helpful list!

  18. Getty’s The Power of the Cross and Behold the Lamb

  19. O Sacred Head, Now Wounded – I would try reading rather than singing it, or using the Amy Grant version as background. Update the lyrics if you read it.

  20. We’re having communion this Sunday. Our song list includes:

    With the congregation
    Everlasting God
    Man of Sorrows/Hallelujah – this is a choir arrangement that our congregation enjoys singing
    I Stand Amazed

    Other selections
    Choir – Communion Song from ‘Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone’ collection
    Mixed trio – There Is a Fountain (Selah arrangement) – with piano accompaniment
    Solo – God and Man at Table Are Sat Down – with classical guitar accompaniment

    I’ve just noticed your blog, I will add to my blogroll – thanks!

  21. What would anyone think about “Lord of the Dance”? for anytime during communion. This is for a wedding. The couple really wants the song incorporated.

  22. I usually just play either hymns or praise & worship songs quietly on the piano during communion. But after looking at your ideas I think I may try to play a contemporary song from a cd. I think it might really have a positive impact. I was thinking about trying “Before the Throne” by Selah.

  23. sweetly broken

  24. Here’s a link to one you’re welcome to use. Was written for a cappella but works nicely with gentle accompaniment.

  25. O Come and Mourn, It’s on the Jars of Clay Redemption songs cd.

    You can find the music here

    This is where Jars of Clay got all of their music for that album.

  26. This is a great blog. I am playing in a church now that is in transition and I find it both challenging and exciting. Thanks to everyone for their great suggestions.

  27. guys,any one who can help me find a flute chords of if i could touch you by bukas palad???i nid it badly..send it in my email..thank you!…please..i nid ur help guys..

  28. We are having Communion this Sunday and currently use a lot of the songs that have been mentioned. A new song we just added is “I Will Sing of My Redeemer (You Set Me Free)”. It’s a song from the Travis Cottrell CD “Jesus Saves”. It is a great song!

  29. Carried to the Table by Leeland is an amazing song. A little high on the recording but simple to take down a step or two.

  30. Great Communion song is “Carried to the Table” by Leeland

  31. I’ve enjoyed looking at all the songs mentioned here. Of course a great song is Leeland’s “Carried to the Table.”

  32. How about the tradional, Break Thou the Bread of Life, Come an Dine, Fill My Cup, Sancturary, Holy Ground, Touch Me Again,

  33. This is a great blog. I’m looking for new communion songs and this is very helpful. Thanks everyone.

  34. Does anyone know of a website that has the entire Hymnal 1982 in guitar chord form?

    Thanks! Great website!!

  35. This list is a GREAT resource!! Wow! Thank you all for your replies!

    I have a couple that we do to add:

    1) Tasting Forgiveness – Robbie Seay Band

    2) What Wonderous Love Is This – Austin City Life Worship


  36. Above All
    Unfailing Love
    Beautiful Son

  37. AS ONE by Janine Stange
    See lyrics below – you can find it on iTunes

    As One

    I am humbled by your goodness
    I am lifted by your grace
    I am breathing by your mercy
    Got a tight grip on your embrace

    Soul to soul
    Heart to heart
    Eye to Eye
    What’s yours is mine
    Faith to faith
    Deep to deep
    Day to day
    You and me are ..

    As one
    We always were
    As one
    Bound by your word
    Nothing will come between us

    You are mighty
    I am strengthened
    You are healing
    I am whole
    You are holy
    I am separate
    You’re my promise
    I’m your own

    Soul to soul
    Heart to heart
    Eye to Eye
    What’s yours is mine
    Faith to faith
    Deep to deep
    Day to day
    You and me are ..


    Jesus loves me this I know….

    C&P Janine Stange Tim Miner (ASCAP/BMI)

  38. A great song is Remember by Laura Story.

  39. Nothing but the Blood

  40. I just want to say thanks for all the great suggestions! I just found this blog at the just the right time. God is so good all the time! god bless!

  41. I am a little late to the table, but I wish “Carried To The Table” had an accompaniment trax. I am at a small church and in order to do some of the songs I like, I have to have a trax. My accompanist (my mother) doesn’t play praise music easily.

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