do you “show your legs” at church?

or do you hide them?


i’m not really speaking in terms of outward appearance, but more in terms of INward appearance.  i’ve been thinking about this… just how “human” should those in ministry be? i know we are to set an example of holiness and faithfulness…

but, aren’t we also to set an example of those who are striving day by day to walk out our faith while wrapped in flesh?

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~ by mandythompson on January 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “do you “show your legs” at church?”

  1. I wore shorts and a henley sweater to church this morning. We’re fairly laid back, and it’s just me. Not showing that much leg, not as much as the nuns anyway.

  2. I believe that Church is the Holy place for Christians and every religion people should respect there religion and holy place and while respecting it’s must that every one should not show there legs at a Church who ever this is my suggestion or my own answer for the question.

  3. [...] few days ago I read this post over at Mandy’s blog, and have been intrigued by her question… How human should those [...]

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